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Physique 57

Fitness Case Study

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The Challenge

Physique 57 was already a well-established brand in New York and Los Angeles when Grey Alchemy was approached to assist with the launching of Physique 57 in Bangkok. Following their business plan intact, our team was brought onboard well ahead of the actual launch. The objectives were to:

  • Launch Physique 57 in Thailand.
  • Maintain a sense of community with the studio’s members and teachers.

Physique 57 Facebook Post Examples

Launching Physique 57’s
Social Media Campaigns

Our marketing team first set out laying down a comprehensive online media strategy for the brand. Social media accounts and online database marketing systems were set up. A solid email campaign was also set up. The first task was to run an aggressive and focused awareness campaign to educate target audiences about Physique 57 and their value offerings. Since the brand itself is premium, we targeted high net worth individuals who were interested in fitness, dance, Pilates, and were looking for a little more from their fitness routines. The campaign proved successful and the brand’s fan base grew exponentially within a short period of time.

Physique 57 Social Media Campaign

Encouraging Actual Signups

To encourage people to actually sign up for a free trial class and discounted classes, our team adopted the database marketing approach. In running both their social media and database marketing campaigns, we created a hype around the arrival of Physique 57 in Thailand by leveraging on their reputation in New York City and Los Angeles and their reach to celebrities and actresses who were loyal customers.

Physique 57 Social Media Targeting

Physique 57 Social Media Targeting

Precise Targeting

Pre-launch, we also encouraged people to sign up for an early bird invitation with very limited spaces. This allowed our team to build a database of highly relevant target prospects for our subsequent marketing efforts including remarketing and database marketing. The brand was also able to recruit local Thai celebrities who have since joined the studio, and their involvement with Physique 57 has helped us in raising awareness and creating a buzz on social media, specifically on Instagram.

Physique 57 Instagram Picture 1

Physique 57 Instagram Picture 2

Physique 57 Instagram Picture 3

Physique 57 Instagram Picture 4

Key Results



New Facebook fans



New Instagram fans
within 3 months



Highly targeted prospect
Emails Collected



Stories created





38% CTR

On email campaigns,
and 57% opening rate


“ With help from Grey Alchemy, we are able to reach our targeted customers and consistently build an engaged online community. Our classes are now booked up fast, especially for our late afternoon classes. We have seen significant increases in the number of clients every month.”

Lynn Khemika
Partner & Director
Physique 57

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