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Nightlife & Entertainment Case Study

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The Challenge

Despite being Thailand’s first ever club of its kind, BEAM’s sights were set on not only becoming Bangkok’s premier nightclub, but also to challenge some of the most successful and established clubs in the region. With these goals set high, we were faced with a number of challenges with regards to marketing the new venue. First, to rapidly develop its brand awareness and ensure a successful and impactful launch event. Secondly, to maintain high attendances week in week out and boost revenue through ticket and drink sales. All of this whilst striking a balance between positioning BEAM as cutting-edge yet accessible to the masses.

Beam Marketing Challenge

Our Approach

Phase 1: The Launch

The launch of BEAM needed to be done with a big bang. Expectations were high, and its first impression needed to leave a mark. In order to give the club the busy feel and atmosphere it deserves, we determined a target of at least 700 people, with the hope of queues outside–something rarely seen in Bangkok nightlife. With a carefully planned event marketing campaign leveraging on quality photography from pre-launch events and a strong brand identity, we were able to achieve a total attendance of over 1,600, exceeding the target by 900 people, and indeed long queues throughout the night.

Beyond promoting the launch, developing BEAM’s brand awareness was also critical to its early success. Through Facebook & Instagram awareness campaigns we communicated BEAM’s world-class value propositions: from its stunning lighting, BodyKinetic dancefloor, Void sound system to its unique drinks. By serving visually striking visuals and a cool yet approachable tone of voice we were able to reach out to its target audiences of international affluent young Thais and nightlife lovers, growing its fan base to over 25,000 fans. But beyond this, BEAM’s real success in the awareness phase was its quick rise to notoriety as Bangkok’s newest and unrivaled clubbing experience.  

Phase 2: Maintaining Event Attendance and Increasing Revenue

Following the launch, we were put to the task of ensuring the venue remained constantly busy–particularly on the notoriously difficult-to-fill weekdays. Through aggressive event marketing campaigns promoting not only international acts but also BEAM’s in-house event concepts and drink offerings, we were able to maintain the venue at top-of-mind regardless of the day of the week. With a strong brand identity and the use of a variety of Facebook and Instagram tools such as event responses campaigns, post advertising, carousel, canvas, and video, we were able to foster an engaged online community of over 54,000 social interactions a month and growing. More importantly, we are seeing these figures translate into sales as BEAM’s revenue from drinks and ticketing continues to increase month-on-month. In addition, BEAM continues to pack out its weekends with attendees of 1,000 pax per night on average and weekday parties seeing up to 900 attendees.

Facebook Posts

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Beam Nightlife and Entertainment Case Study

Key Results



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