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Case Study

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The Challenge

With a unique story and the venue’s very iconic design (thanks to designer extraordinaire Ashley Sutton), Maggie Choo’s was very successful at the launch of their business. However, business started to dip after a year given the challenging Bangkok crowds who are always seeking new venues and entertainment for their evenings out. Making things more challenging was the venue’s geographical location.

Social Media Revamp

We fixed the poor targeting that had been done in building their fan base by flushing out and bypassing the huge portion of social media followers from geographic locations that had no connection to the business and had very little possibility of actually visiting the venue. This made up over 45% of their fan base.


We then focused on heavily promoting Maggie Choo’s as the most exciting and interesting quality entertainment venue in Bangkok by raising awareness of their weekly, monthly, and special events including special acts by DJs, Bands, Art Exhibitions, etc.


Maggie Choo’s management team played a critical role in designing and creating outstanding events through their music and art direction. Over time our combined efforts helped drive brand preference for Maggie Choo’s when considering quality entertainment in Bangkok.


We also gave a visual identity and style to Maggie Choo’s social media persona, using a particular tone of voice that was a bit quirky and that suited their brand concept. For their photography we used a color grading that was very telling of who Maggie Choo’s were and their story.

Maggie Choo's Social Media Campaigns



We helped the venue build their B2B side of their business, promoting Maggie Choo’s as a great venue for TV commercial production, wedding photo-shooting, product launches, private birthday parties, corporate events, themed events, fashion shows, etc. Our creative design team designed and produced a sales kit that could easily be used for email exchanges or in-person presentation by Maggie Choo’s sales team.

Key Results



New Facebook fans



Facebook checkins



Increased perhead



Stories created in 9 months



Impressions within 9 Months


Over 50%

Of organic and viral


“ Grey Alchemy’s services helped boost our Sunday business from 60 persons to an average of 250 – 300, thanks to a highly targeted social media advertising campaign. Moreover, our business also increased on Thursdays and Fridays and our overall revenue increased by 20%.”

Sanya Souvanna Phouma
General Manager
Maggie Choo’s

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