The Challenge

Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming service, approached us with a dual-pronged campaign with 2 different objectives:

  • Promote the highly-anticipated debut EP from K-Pop heartthrobs TXT
  • Drive streams to their Spotify Early Noise playlist celebrating the EP release

With only a few weeks to spare before the EP launch, we set out to position Spotify as the K-Pop music streaming platform of choice, building on existing fan excitement.

Spotify Launch Campaign Objectives

Our Approach

Understanding our audience

We began by closely studying the K-Pop fan community in order to understand who they are and how best we could engage with them.

As a global cultural phenomenon, K-Pop has developed a particularly fervent fanbase in APAC. Asian K-Pop listeners are avid social media users who follow all their favorite artists and share their passion for the genre across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and particularly Twitter. Their extreme dedication and loyalty to their favorite groups see them scouring the Internet for the latest bit of news, gossip or photography.

TXT’s imminent EP launch had the K-Pop community buzzing. Fans were eager to find out more details about the members — who were still shrouded in secrecy at this stage — and, most importantly, to hear their voices.

The scarcity of content available prior to release is an industry gimmick that was smartly orchestrated by TXT’s record label Big Hit Entertainment. However, to set Spotify apart from all the other streaming platforms, we decided to offer our target audiences what they were most interested in: exclusive and original content.

Social Media Engagement
Social Media Engagement Mobile

Content Strategy

Phase 1:Launch

To entice listeners to stream TXT’s EP on Spotify, we decided to enhance the Early Noise playlist with exclusive audio content from the band members themselves. Fun and light-hearted questions were sent to Big Hit Entertainment for each of the five members to answer. Their responses were then included in between songs on the Early Noise playlist, for an extra-special listening experience that was exclusive to Spotify. Since the release would be available on multiple streaming platforms, this extra content would give the Early Noise playlist an edge, setting Spotify apart from its competitors.

Content Strategy
Instagram Post
Spotify Post

The next step was to orchestrate the effective communication of the campaign on Spotify’s social media channels. On March 4th, 2019, we kicked off a 2-week campaign on Spotify’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to raise awareness of the Early Noise playlist.

Eye-catching artworks based on photography and videography shared with us by Big Hit were optimized for each of the different content formats used across Spotify channels: Instagram Stories, Twitter Website Card, and Facebook Link Preview. The visuals were accompanied by witty and playful copy that incorporated the unique language associated with K-pop used by fans — think bias, daebak, stan — in a playful but authentic way.

Since the campaign was being rolled out in multiple territories, we also oversaw the content localization process, translating our copy into Bahasa, Thai, and Vietnamese for Spotify’s regional target audiences.

Instagram Stories and Twitter Posts

Phase 2: Engage

In the initial launch phase, we chose to focus on Spotify’s Early Noise playlist. Beyond Phase 1, during the second half of the campaign, our objective was to grow TXT’s profile across the target regions. We decided to further the interactivity between Spotify and its target audiences by inviting social media users to take part in a quiz.

To foster the relationship between TXT and its growing fandom, we built a Twitter Chatbot that allowed users to answer questions about each of the band members.

The advanced setup required us to design a chat with multiple prompts and re-entry points, from the initial message inviting the user to choose 1 of the 5 members, to a set of 3 questions per member, each with multiple possible answers, to providing the option to start the quiz again with a new member. Once we built the entire chatbot, we then duplicated and localized it for the different markets in their native languages.

We wanted to make sure the chatbot was very appealing to K-pop enthusiasts. To ensure we got their attention, we asked the TXT members to create their own individual playlists with their favorite songs on the TXT Spotify artist page.

Artist Playlist

TXT Artist Playlist
Twitter Website Conversion Ad

We included links to these curated playlists in the final message of each chatbot conversation and promoted the experience through a multi-format Twitter ad campaign that promised access to exclusive content.

Parallel to the Twitter campaign, we reinforced Spotify’s campaign presence by rolling out a second wave of content on its other social media channels, using Facebook and Instagram Carousels. These formats allowed us to continue sharing personalized information about each band member, using interactive content to redirect users to the members’ individual Spotify playlists. The eye-popping visuals were created from their debut MV, and multiple versions of each one were edited to incorporate in-laid copy in different languages to suit every Asian market.

User Engagement

Twitter User Engagement

Key Results

Spotify Logo Spotify

Spotify New Followers KPI

0 to 22,000

Follower on ‘Early
Noise 2019’ playlist

Artist Playlist New Followers KPI

0 to 140,000

Total followers on
individual artist playlists

Facebook Logo Facebook

Facebook Users Reached KPI


Facebook users reached

Facebook Link Clicks KPI


Facebook link clicks


Landing page views on

Facebook Engagement KPI


Facebook engagements

Instagram Logo Instagram

Instagram Users Reached KPI


Instagram users reached

Instagram Link Clicks KPI


Instagram link clicks

Instagram Engagement KPI


landing page views on Spotify

Instagram Landing Page Views KPI


Instagram engagements

Twitter Logo Twitter

Twitter Link Clicks KPI


Twitter impressions

Twitter Impressions KPI


Twitter link clicks

Artist Playlist New Followers KPI


Twitter engagements

Twitter Chatbot Logo Twitter Chatbot

Twitter Chatbot Total Conversations KPI


Twitter total chats

Twitter Chatbot Unique Users KPI


Unique Twitter
chatbot users

Twitter Chatbot Total Messages KPI


Total Twitter
chatbot messages

Twitter Chatbot Average Conversation Duration KPI


Twitter chatbot average
conversation duration