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VLOG: A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Intern


Meet Desmond Smalley—cool kid from USA. Desmond is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication at Virginia’s historic Hampton University. With his bold and spunky personality packed in a suitcase, the young gent hopped on a journey to Bangkok for an exchange semester at Mahidol University’s faculty of Communication Design. During his time here, Desmond wanted to push the boundaries even further and, thus, plunged into a short spell at Grey Alchemy as our digital marketing intern.


Now, an internship at Grey Alchemy is no run-of-the-mill experience. Forget dull coffee runs or photocopying errands—here, our interns are given the full exposure to what agency life is all about. As Alchemists in our digital marketing team, they get to contribute to helping our dynamic range of clients achieve specific goals that lead to greater online presence. From developing engaging social media content to designing online marketing strategies, our interns get to have a taste of them all.


During his digital marketing internship, Desmond got to work on two key accounts—Havaianas summer footwear brand and BEAMFEST two-weekend music festival. In the VLOG below, the young lad documents what a day at Grey Alchemy may look like. So if you have a passion for digital trends and are on the search for a fulfilling marketing internship in Bangkok—or if you’re like a lot of our international trainees and are itching for a fun yet challenging internship abroad—check out Desmond’s video for a glimpse of what it is like to be an Alchemist. Enjoy!


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