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Social Media Agency

There’s no way around it… With social, brands either sink or swim.

From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and Twitter, each platform requires a unique, tailored approach. Quality and effectiveness are the defining factors when it comes to the fast-moving world of social media marketing.

At Grey Alchemy, we’re constantly up-to-date on social media trends, offering marketing and advertising services on the newest platforms. With our social media expertise, we help brands like Singha, Spotify, Absolut and Michelin Guide cut through the noise and stand out from their competition.

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Social Media

The process starts with a detailed questionnaire, where we learn about your brand and business from your perspective. After comprehensive research, we hold a strategy workshop, where we meet with you to review our findings. We challenge your beliefs, propose alternative solutions and brainstorm potential strategic and tactical plans to achieve your objectives.

Social Media Strategy

After this, we regroup and develop a detailed social media strategy for you. We give your business a precise direction forward, building a framework that begins with situation analysis and ends with step-by-step campaign recommendations. From influencer marketing to Google Ads, our bespoke campaign strategies are tailored to the social media channels that matter most to your brand.

We also develop art directions tailored to each social media platform, so your brand’s online presence is guaranteed to stand out.

Social Media Art Direction

Social Media Profile Setup

Social Profile Setup

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LINE, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn… We’re here to help optimize your social media presence across any and all platforms.

We pay attention to every detail of your digital footprint, whether that’s setting up your social media profiles ahead of your launch or optimizing them after an internal audit. This process includes getting your social media channels verified as well as getting rid of any unofficial accounts, reinforcing credibility and positioning your brand as an authority figure.

We also activate the relevant social media channels for your brand and create your social media advertising accounts, paving the way for ad campaign optimization and A/B testing.

Content Creation

Our creative teams come together to develop content that follows your brand guidelines as well as the recommendations set in our social media strategy and art direction. Grey Alchemy’s copywriters, illustrators, motion designers and videographers work hand-in-hand with you to craft your brand storytelling to drive awareness, affinity and — ultimately — conversions.

Content Creation

Brand Profile & Content Curation

Our social content adheres to monthly planning designed in collaboration with you. This guarantees that your content has variety and originality. By scheduling publication on the right days at the right times, we maximize organic engagement from your target audiences too.

We cover all social media platforms, and even offer bespoke brand profile and content curation for more specialized platforms such as Pinterest, Spotify, Joox and more.

Community Management


Social media allows brands to communicate directly with their customers. Don’t waste this opportunity to make meaningful connections.

We handle community management on every social media platform, monitoring your inboxes and meaningfully to your audience, whether that’s liking comments, answering questions or providing real-time advice to customers.

Advertising & Media
Buy Management

Our work doesn’t end once your content goes live.

A large number of eyeballs doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re reaching your core audience, so we advertise your content using precisely defined target groups. We target users on a granular level, continually refining our target audiences on a daily basis to ensure that your content reaches the people who matter to your business.

The cherry on top of the cake? For remarketing purposes, we also install tags and pixels on your website to monitor behavior, track conversions and re-reach the people who have engaged with your brand online.

Media Buy Management

E-Commerce & S-Commerce

E-Commerce & S-Commerce

When it comes to converting on social media, continuity is key. With the latest tools at our fingertips, we’re able to create seamless e-commerce experiences for clients like Havaianas, Herman Miller and Penny Skateboards.

Using advanced ad formats such as Collection Ads, Instant Experience (Canvas) and carousels, users can browse, add to basket and check out — all without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

We handle everything from setup — that includes product catalogues, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, and more — to campaign optimization, constantly aiming for lower costs per conversion and better ROAS.

With e-commerce tracking tags and pixels, we’re able to monitor warm leads as they move through our social media marketing funnel. Our laser-sharp remarketing efforts allow us to target people who already know and love your brand, converting them from fans to customers.

E-Commerce Advertising

Performance Reporting

We monitor both your organic and paid social media performance, optimizing it continuously to ensure that your campaigns yield the best results. For complete transparency, we provide you with a monthly or campaign-level report, summarizing and analyzing content as well as advertising performance.

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