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Top 6 Free Stock Photo Sites You Should Bookmark

6 Free Sites for Stock Photos

Need a free stock photo but not sure which sites to go to? This guide will show you a list of some of the best free stock photo sites depending on your purpose or subject matter.



Best for Instagram — Pexels

Free Stock Photos Pexels


Pexels hand-picks from various image sources, some listed below. From minimalist coffee arrangements to atmospheric buildings, their photos are artistic and more-than-often, beautiful. Plus, the ability to target by color makes it perfect for a curated Instagram feed.



Best for blog — Unsplash

Free Stock Photos Unsplash


Unsplash provides high-resolution photos featuring dramatic lighting, big landscapes, and everyday objects—good for creating wow-worthy blog posts.



Best for food — Foodiesfeed

Free Stock Photos FoodiesFeed


From close-ups to table shots, Foodiesfeed is especially colorful. Each food photo is presented well and looks delicious. Enough photos to enjoy scrolling through, but if more were added it would be great.


Best for industry photos — Burst

Free Stock Photos Burst


Burst is good for brands as the website includes categories for various industries, such as fitness, yoga, and business. It has a little more of the close-up of actions and people.


Best for lifestyle — Kaboom Pics

Free Stock Photos Kaboom


From distinctively angled coffee tables to piles of books, Kaboom provides unique and artistic lifestyle photography, which is great for when you are looking for photos of objects.


Best for quirky — Gratisography

Free Stock Photos Graisography


Gratisography offers fun, highly contrasted photos that often come with a vintage feel. This makes it perfect for when you need unique or quirky images.